Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's growing up QUICKLY!

Which could be because he almost always has SOMETHING in his mouth!

We took a few pictures of Zira's Colt in August before we left Missouri, and I wanted to share them so you could see how much he's grown! He's going to be a BIG boy, and he has a very curious nature, so should be a lot of fun to work with. So here he is at 3 months old...
We also took pictures of Cattle Kate, our 2 yr old Miniature Australian Shepherd - we were trying to get pictures for her registration information, but it's a challenge to get a picture of a dog that doesn't want to stand still! This is what she thought of the whole process...
But we still got a few decent ones to send eventually. I have a newfound respect for those that photograph animals as a job!

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