Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Must Be Spring!

So, it's been a while since I've updated, things have been busy. But some very GOOD busy happened today!

A quick recap - Zira (Registered name = Sinabar Dixie Lady), was bred at the end of May in 2009, and as of last week was huge and miserably uncomfortable.
Here's the Daddy, Bo (Bee A Chief), one of the handsome guys out at Riley's Painted Acres

Zira, who has been giving us quite the weary nights of getting up many times to check and see if she's FINALLY foaled, decided to bless us with a little colt this morning around 5am. Joe went out to check on her at 5:30, and the little guy had made it to his feet, but momma was still resting.

Still a little soggy...

Wondering "what is THIS? Something new?!?"Showing off the flashy 'trousers'/'tux'/'skunk tail' - (some of the things his markings have been called thus far)

And then feeling good this evening, a little more steady on his long legs - he's about 38" high, much taller than Scamp was when he was born, I can't straddle this one! (Scamp was small enough I could 'ride' him without putting weight on his back) I'd guess when his legs stretch out, he'll be a bit taller even, as he's still getting over being crunched inside Mom. He was tuckered out from playing so needed a nap...

And was getting his nose into everything and had a haybeard!

Our other fun new critters of the day are our baby chicks, which began hatching last night - we're at a count of 9 right now, but the 9th is still in the incubator, so didn't make the pictures

this picture makes me laugh because the chick looks so perturbed at me!

Wondering if this one might end up with a topknot, most of these chicks are from a mixed bunch of hens, many of them Astrolorp hens, with a Polish rooster.

I just have learned how to use the close-up feature on my camera, so I'm excited about that! It's amazing how much clearer the shots are (I was always somewhat bothered that close shots tended to be blurry...guess I should have read my manual earlier!)

That's all I have the energy for tonight, I need to do an update on the Baker Critter online inventory list- as some of our numbers have changed, but until I catch up on some sleep...farewell!

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