Saturday, April 25, 2009

God's little blessings

On tuesday evening, I went to check on the Dogwood pregnant mares (friend's of mine's horses) at approx 10:30 at night. Their Bootsie girl had been appearing to be CLOSE to giving birth for days, and so we've taken turns checking up on her a few times a night. She was laying down, grunting and breathing hard, so I sat down a little ways away to watch for a few minutes, and Kay Driftwood (the other pregnant mare) was walking around a little. Less than 5 minutes later, I heard the sound of liquid flowing, and when I glanced that way, it looked like Kay was just going to the bathroom, but then she started walking around, while still splashing, and I realised that her water had just broke! SOOOO exciting, I'd had the opportunity to see 4 foals born before, but she was only the second to see from the very start of it. Down she plopped, and grunt-push and the amnionic sac appeared, then you could see a little foot, and the other foot following, and then hurrah! a nose. She got half the foal's head out, and then came to a bit of a pause, and then when she pushed, the right leg went BACK, and the other still started forward. She pushed again, and the same thing happened, so I hunkered down behind her, and gave the lagging leg a bit of a tug, and could feel his shoulder straighten out and slide forward. One more good push from Kay, and half the baby was out almost in my lap, snorting and snuffing and trying to clear its nose. I rubbed its face dry, pretty little head, and a biiiiiiiig white blaze, on a nice golden chestnut. Momma relaxed for a minute, stuck her head around, and nickered at the little one, then stood up, sliding him out the rest of the way. I backed out of her space to let her meet her new baby, and she licked him dry. So neat to get to see the birth - such a blessing .

The baby ended up being a little colt, who has the nickname Sonny Boy - or 'just a minute' since he seemed to enjoy taking his time in doing EVERYTHING - getting up, eating, etc. Of course, maybe it just felt that way, since we were up til 3am with him!

This morning, I woke up all of a sudden at 6am, and thought to myself - "I'm wide awake, I wonder if God woke me up to check on Bootsie" so I crawled out of bed, and hopped in my car to go check on her, because I knew if I didn't, if she DID foal at 6, I'd never forgive myself for not checking on her! The sunrise was BEAUTIFUL, and I spent a nice quiet hour with God watching the mares, and little Sonny. There's something so peaceful about watching horses eat. We're still waiting on a Bootsie Baby, but she has to be getting closer! One day at a time I guess...

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